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Coiled Spring Pins

Application Specific Coiled Spring Pins

While Coiled Spring Pins are extremely versatile self-retaining fasteners that can be used for many different functions, SPIROL has designed several series of Coiled Pins to meet the nuances and performance requirements of some particular niche applications. These Coiled Spring Pins are variations of our standard product either manufactured from special material, have a special finish or undergo specific processing to meet performance, corrosion, compatibility and assembly requirements for the specific application. These pre-designed application-specific series of Coiled Pins help companies shorten the design cycle to confidently launch their product quickly to their market with a pinning solution that has been tested and proven within their assembly.

Check out SPIROL's application-specific Coiled Spring Pins below.

Application Engineering Assistance: If you would like assistance in selecting the proper Coiled Spring Pin for your assembly, please Request Engineering Support! We are here to help!

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SERIES 100 Key Fob Pins

SPIROL's Series 100 Key Fob Coiled Spring Pins were designed specifically to secure the key to the fob. The advantages of these high-performance automotive key fob security pins are as follows:

Increased productivity

  • 100% sorted
  • 100% cleanliness

Easy, trouble-free assembly

  • Symmetrical
  • Swaged chamfers - no galling in soft materials
  • Ease of insertion

Simplified logistics

  • Global supply
  • Available from stock or scheduled deliveries

SERIES 101 Headrest Pins

SPIROL's Series 101 Headrest Coiled Spring Pins were designed specifically for use in automotive headrest assemblies. The advantages of SPIROL's headrest pins are as follows:

Absorbs shock and vibration

Increased productivity

  • 100% dimensional control
  • Symmetrical
  • Non-interlocking
  • Accommodates wide hole tolerances
  • Easy to install

Simplified logistics

  • Global supply

SERIES 102 Transmission Pins

SPIROL's Series 102 Coiled Spring Pins were designed specifically for use in automotive transmission assemblies. These transmission pins are available in standard and heavy duty to enable the designer to choose the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and diameter to suit different host materials and application requirements. All Series 102 transmission pins are 100% dimensionally controlled for consistency during assembly. Additional advantages include:

  • Absorbs shock and vibration
  • Non-interlocking
  • Symmetrical
  • Easy, trouble free assembly
  • Ideal for automatic installation
  • Global supply

SERIES 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pins

The Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pin was designed specifically for cosmetic cases to ensure the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. The 1-1/2 coil construction ensures that the Cosmetic Coiled Pin exerts sufficient radial force to achieve the long-term desired swing torque while protecting the plastic from excessive stresses.

The use of SPIROL Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pin will simplify your design and manufacturing process. Uniform radial spring force results in controlled hinge movement and a hinge quality that remains consistent over time. Controlled hinge movement is achieved with wider tolerances and lower molding costs than when a Solid Pin or cut wire is used. Finally, low insertion force and compression of the pin during installation minimizes hinge stress and scrap. The net result is the prolonged useful life of the assembly.

SPIROL also offers the Model HC Pin Inserter designed specifically to install the Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Spring Pins into Cosmetic Cases.

In addition to downloading the specifications for Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pins, you may also request a comprehensive Cosmetic Case Hinge Design Guide that includes the following:

  • The definition of a Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pin
  • The advantages of Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pins over other pins
  • Design guidelines for the hinge area of several different types of compacts
  • Measurement techniques for Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pins
  • Specifications of Series 550 Cosmetic Coiled Pins
  • A description of SPIROL’s Model HC Dual Pin Inserter for compact pins

Request your copy today! 

If you would like Application Engineering assistance on a new Cosmetic Pin design, please Request Technical Support!

Series 550 Specifications Request Cosmetic Case Hinge Design Guide

SERIES 880 Card Lock & Ejector Clip Pins

SPIROL's Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin was designed specifically for use as the hinge pin for PC board card lock and ejector clip mechanisms. The quality of the hinge is unsurpassed by other fastening methods due to the low insertion force and compression of the pin during and after installation. As with all Coiled Spring Pins, the Series 880 hinge pin for PC board card locks and ejector clips is self-retaining, and thus no secondary processes are required for retention. The Coiled Pin's uniform radial spring force results in a controlled hinge movement that remains consistent throughout the life of the assembly.

The Series 880 Card Lock and Ejector Clip Coiled Spring Pin offers a wide range of benefits over other types of components used as hinge pins including:


  • Unlike any other pin, the Coiled Pin absorbs forces to preserve joint integrity and prevent cracked hinges throughout the life of the assembly.
  • The Coiled Pin conforms to the widest hole tolerances of any press-fit pin and does not damage the plastic during insertion.

Self Retaining

  • No secondary operations are required for retention. Simply press the pin into the hole.

Corrosion Resistant

  • The Series 880 Coiled Spring Pins for ejector clips and card locks are manufactured from stainless steel so they will not rust.

Conducive for Manual or Automatic Installation

  • Regardless of whether the pin is installed manually or with automatic pin installation equipment, the Coiled Pin installs easily with low insertion forces.
  • Since it is symmetrical, no orientation is required of the Series 880 Coiled Pin prior to insertion into the ejector clips or card lock hinges.

Customizable Solutions

If you are unable to find the standard duty Coiled Spring Pin in the diameter, length, material, or finish that you require within our standard offering, or if you are unsure what Coiled Spring Pin is most appropriate for your assembly, Request Engineering Support from our team and we will help you find the most cost-effective solution for your application.

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In addition to a comprehensive line of engineered components used for joining and assembly, SPIROL also offers a full range of Pin Installation Equipment designed to facilitate cost-effective and high quality assembly of your products. Our installation solutions range from manual machines to fully automatic work cells with statistical process control and error-proofing options. We are the only company of our kind that offers the total integrated solution.

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