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Installation Equipment for Pins, Compression Limiters and Threaded Inserts for Plastics

SPIROL Installation Equipment — A Standardized Approach to Customized Installation Systems for Pins, Inserts, Compression Limiters and other products...for Optimum Pay Back!

Our objective is to build reliable and cost-effective equipment that provides the right degree of automation based on the volume and complexity of the assembly process involved; the degree of automation that yields the lowest per unit assembly cost and the optimum pay back.

SPIROL Installation Equipment is customized to meet the customer's specific needs—but at least 80% of the components are standard, pretested, production proven, off-the-shelf parts. This translates into faster delivery, greater reliability and lowest cost for equipment of comparable quality. Operations such as drilling, machining and inspection can be combined with installation of the fastener. We offer:

  • Simultaneous multiple insertions
  • Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machines
  • Vertical and horizontal styles
  • Performance Warranty

Installation Equipment Types

Integrated Systems. SPIROL can combine all of our insertion, feeding and transfer technology to produce custom, integrated assembly systems for your unique requirements.

SPIROL manufactures standard machine tables and robust lift and roll tables — ideal bases for installation equipment and other assembly modules.

Whether your requirements are for standard fastener installation equipment or a custom designed system (with or without fixturing), we are dedicated to providing you with the best, most cost-effective solution.  SPIROL offers the following types of installation products: 

Our objective is to enhance your competitiveness through increased productivity, product quality and reduced manufacturing cost. SPIROL remains part of the process until the machine meets your objectives.

Not sure what you need?

SPIROL's Application Engineers will design the most cost-effective installation system for your assembly requirements! Contact us today for complimentary engineering support!

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Error-Proofing Enhancements

The following options can be added to certain models of Fastener Installation Equipment for enhanced productivity, heightened process control and error-proofing.

  • Vision sensing for part presence
  • Automatic fixture identification
  • Powered fixture slide
  • Drilling & Pinning combinations
  • Rotary index tables
  • Force monitoring
  • Part level monitoring in feeding system
  • Password protection of HMI screens
  • Keyed reset
  • Status/indicator lights
  • Audible fault alarm, and
  • Part marking

Five Step Process for Success

When you engage SPIROL as part of your team, we will utilize our 5 Step Process for Success to ensure that you receive an accurate solution in a timely manner:

1 - We determine your assembly objectives and prepare a proposal

SPIROL partners with you to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your application requirements.

  • Fastener specifications and performance requirements
  • Special control/safety requirements
  • Critical component and assembly specifications
  • Quality objectives
  • Production objectives


Based on your requirements, SPIROL will develop the assembly concept bestsuited to meet your objectives. A detailed proposal is submitted with a fixed price and a performance guarantee.

2 - We design an installation system based on your defined objectives
Upon receipt of your order, the assembly concept is reviewed and assigned to a SPIROL Project Engineer. A detailed layout is developed, components are specified and engineering drawings are prepared. Control packages are carefully developed to ensure the system is interactive and fail-safe. Our standardized, time-tested, modular designs are robust, reliable and easily adjustable – allowing for customization to meet the specific needs of your application. This translates into faster delivery, greater reliability, and the best value for equipment of comparable quality.

3 - A fixture is designed to hold and align the components during installation
SPIROL specializes in custom part-holding devices called fixtures.  Fixturing, which includes aligning and holding your components accurately and firmly during installation, is a critical element to the performance of your installation equipment. SPIROL will review the detailed layout with you to ensure that all aspects of the machine meet your expectations.

4 - We build, test, install, and certify the machine – including educating operators and maintenance personnel 
The assembly of the equipment is closely monitored by the assigned Project Engineer. The equipment is thoroughly tested at our plant.  As a part of our standard procedure, SPIROL will train your operators on the use and maintenance of the equipment.

5 - We provide total customer satisfaction
We have a long history of providing installation equipment of the highest quality and reliability. We are so confident in our equipment that SPIROL offers the only performance warranty in the industry.


Engineered Fasteners & Installation Equipment

SPIROL designs and manufactures both a comprehensive line of engineered components used for joining and assembly, and a full range of installation equipment designed to facilitate cost-effective and high-quality assembly of your products. Our installation solutions range from manual machines to fully automatic work cells with statistical process control and error-proofing options. We are the only company of our kind that offers the total integrated solution.

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Local Design, Global Supply.

SPIROL has Application Engineers throughout the world to assist you in your designs, supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing centers and worldwide stocking facilities to simplify the logistics of delivering your product.

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